UTMI interfacing.

class sol_usb.gateware.interface.utmi.UTMIOperatingMode

Enumeration that specifies the modes a UTMI transceiver can use.

class sol_usb.gateware.interface.utmi.UTMITerminationSelect

Enumeration that specifies meanings of the UTMI TermSelect bit.

class sol_usb.gateware.interface.utmi.UTMITransmitInterface

Interface present on hardware that transmits onto a UTMI bus.


Returns a list of connection fragments connecting this interface to the provided bus.

A typical usage might look like:

m.d.comb += interface_object.attach(utmi_bus)

class sol_usb.gateware.interface.utmi.UTMIInterfaceMultiplexer(*args, src_loc_at: int = 0, **kwargs)

Gateware that merges a collection of UTMITransmitInterfaces into a single interface.

Assumes that only one transmitter will be communicating at once.

I/O port:

O*: output – Our output interface; has all of the active busses merged together.

class sol_usb.gateware.interface.utmi.UTMIInterface

UTMI+-standardized interface. Intended mostly as a simulation aid.